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 4 August 2018
Franklin, NC

Weimar & Margaret (Rafferty) Siler Branch

Siler Family Photos

Margaret Lowry Roberts Shawl

Shawl woven by
Margaret Rafferty Lowry Weaver Roberts, daughter of Esther Siler and James Lowry.

The shawl was handed down by Margaret to her daughter, Laura L. Roberts, who in turn divided it between her two daughters, Emma and Nora.  Emma was the grandmother of Betty Watson of Ellijay, Georgia, who owns a piece of the shawl and kindly provided us with the photo.

Scroll down the page to see the previous posting, showing a photo of Margaret and her husband, Pierce Roberts, who served as sheriff of Buncombe County.

Photo courtesy of Betty Watson, Ellijay, GA (Esther branch)

"Jack & Ginny"
Baton Rouge, 1925

Twins Jack and Virginia Tessier, born 23 January 1922 to Reby Sloan & Francis Monsanto Tessier.
Photo courtesy of Patricia Smith Levasseur, Louisiana.

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Jack & Mitzi Tessier with Band Leader Tommy Dorsey, New York 1945

Photo courtesy of Mitzi Schaden Tessier, North Carolina.

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Carolyn, Eleanor, Tim, and Reby Sloan
Photo courtesy of Patricia Smith Levasseur (Jesse Branch.)

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Mrs. E. R. Kinnebrew
"Aunt Nan"

Photo courtesy of Patricia Smith Levasseur, Louisiana.

Nancy (Nannie) Patton Sloan, daughter of Timoxena Siler Sloan and William Sloan, was born 27 Nov 1866. She
married Dr. Edwin Robert Kinnebrew on 18 Mar 1886
(ref. Bryson Porter book, p. 60, 151.)

Members of the family who wish to receive a digital copy
of the photo should contact the web administrator. 

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An Early Family Meeting

Thank you to Patricia Smith Levasseur, Lousiana, for providing this photo of an early Siler Family Meeting. Thank you also to Laurel Radley for providing the following information about the location:

The photo was taken at the Albert Siler Cabin in Cartoogechaye, built in 1880.  Lucy Morgan, founder of the Penland School of Crafts, was born at the cabin, which today is occupied by Laurel's mother, Frances Barr Cargill. 

For  more information and to see how the cabin looks today, please see Laurel's posting (22 Dec. 2011) on the Siler Family Facebook page and read the article on Frances Cargill in the website archive.  To find the archive page, go "Links" and click on the link in the upper right-hand corner.

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William Jones Neville 1827-1899

Thank you to Patricia Smith Levasseur, Louisiana, for providing this photo of William Jones Neville (1827-1899),
father of Georgia Augusta Neville, who married Jesse Siler Sloan in 1885.

 NEW INFOWe have made a correction to the name from William James Neville to William Jones Neville based on a Neville family genealogy contained in the papers given to us by Patricia Smith Levasseur.  The middle name "James" was based on the very faded writing on the back of the photo frame.  However, the Neville family genealogy lists William with the middle name "Jones," which is probably correct as William's parents are listed as Alexander Neville and Nancy Jones.

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The family home of Jesse Siler Sloan and Georgia Neville.
The house in the photo was built in 1918 to replace the house that burned down in 1916 (see the tribute to Jesse written by his daughter Reby Sloan Tessier on the Archive page).  The 1918 house was located at 26 Sloan Street, Franklin, NC where it still stands today. 

The photo above was taken several years ago when William Steele Smith Jr. (great-grandson of Jesse and Georgia) owned the house.  Steele's mother, Georgiana, and her brother Francis (Frank) were in the original house the night of the fire in 1916.

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The Jesse Siler Sloan Family

Photo courtesy of Patricia Smith Levasseur, Louisiana


On the back of the photo, the family is identified as follows:

Standing:  Dick, Tim, Mama, Papa, Carter, Neville

Seated:  Francis Tessier, Reby Sloan Tessier, Eleanor & Carolyn 

Papa is of course Jesse Siler Sloan, and Mama is Georgia Neville Sloan.  The photo does not show Jesse and Georgia's fourth son, Harold. 

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Family Meeting August 1937
Photo courtesy of MaryAnn Sloan, Franklin, NC (Jesse branch).

Family Meeting August 1937 at Sunnyside Farm, East Franklin. MaryAnn's grandparents, Will and Ann Sloan, lived at Sunnyside, which was originally given to Timoxena Siler and William Sloan on their marriage in 1856 by Timoxena's father, Jesse Richardson Siler.

The African-American gentleman on the left is identified on the back of the photo as Emlis Siler. 
According to Macon County historian Barbara McRae, Emlis was the son of Alfred Siler, a former slave who may have belonged to
Jesse Richarson Siler.  Emlis Siler reportedly attended Family Meeting until his death.

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Sunnyside Farm, East Franklin.
Photo courtesy of MaryAnn Sloan.

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William Sloan & Harriet Timoxena (Tim) Siler.

Photo courtesy of MaryAnn Sloan.

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Pierce Roberts and Margaret Rafferty Lowry Weaver Roberts.
Photo courtesy of Betty Watson, Eliijay, GA (Esther branch)

Margaret was the daughter of Esther Siler and James Lowry.  After the death of her first husband, Chrisley Weaver, Margaret married Pierce Roberts 10 Sept. 1846 in Buncombe County. There is no date on the tintype picture.

Pierce Roberts served as sheriff of Buncombe County in 1842, 1844, and again in 1851.

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Below:  Signature of Margaret Roberts in family Bible. 
Photo courtesy of Betty Watson, Ellijay, GA (Esther branch)
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Siler Family Quilt

The Siler Family quilt on the right was displayed several years ago at Family Meeting.  The Esther Siler square on the right was made by Helen B. Dalton and shows the lineage of the Siler-Lowry-Roberts branch.  

Photo courtesy of Betty Watson, Ellijay, GA (Esther branch)

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