Siler Descendants

See you at the
167th Siler Family Meeting

 4 August 2018
Franklin, NC

Weimar & Margaret (Rafferty) Siler Branch

166th Siler Family Meeting

5 August 2017
Macon County Middle School,
Franklin, NC

2017 Hosts:
Kinnebrew Clan

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The meeting begins at noon!
Potluck luncheon!
Bring a dish to share!
Arrive early to catch up with cousins!

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The 165th Siler Family Meeting was called to order with the hymn Blessed be the tie that binds. Minutes of the 164th Family Meeting were approved, as was the Treasurer’s Report.

Ross Zachary led the recognition of William Wallace “Bill” Siler, who turned 100 on 23 June 2016. Bill is the son of Arthur Lee Siler and Ethel Virginia Wallace and the grandson of Albert and Joanna (Chipman) Siler. Albert Siler was the oldest son of William and Althea (Swain) Siler. William was the oldest son of Weimar and Margaret (Rafferty) Siler, thus making "our" Bill a member of the William Branch of the Weimar Siler family. Weimar was the son of Plikard Dederick Siler and Elizabeth Hartsoe.

A resolution was presented in appreciation of Bill Siler, who had decided to finance the 165th Family Meeting in celebration of his birthday. The resolution was enthusiastically approved by acclamation!

Vice Chair Jim Henry recognized the branches of the family present and presided over the recognition of oldest male, oldest female, youngest attendee, and the family member who had traveled the longest distance.


As usual, Bill Siler was the oldest male present. At age 100, Bill asked that the next oldest male be recognized, who was Bob Christy. The oldest representative of “Beauty and Wisdom” turned out to be Mitzi Tessier, age 92. Youngest attendee was Siler Van Cleeve Kinnebrew, age 10 months. Beryl (Tessier) Moon had traveled the farthest from Seattle, Washington. 

Laurel Radley presented greetings to the family from her mother Frances Barr Cargill, who was unable to attend.


John Sparks presented the 2016 Family Outlook report, noting births, deaths and marriages. The Rev. Perrin Radley said a prayer for the departed and asked for God’s blessings on those born and married in the past year.


Family Meeting hosts next year will be the Kinnebrew Clan. Jessica Howells is the contact for the 2018 host family, and the 2019 family hosts are the descendants of Fred and Margaret Siler.


Ralph D’Onofrio said he had better reserve the right to host the 2036 meeting so that we can celebrate his 100th birthday that year!


Last year a “Family-to-Family” (F2F) business list was started by Nanelyn (Gibbs) Mitchell. The chair asked anyone who had brought business cards to give him one and reminded everyone to bring their business cards next year. He will work with Nanelyn to have the list published to family members so that they can consult the list and possibly hire a family member when they want to have work done of any kind.


The meeting concluded with the hymn God be with you till we meet again.

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Thank you for Flo Daniels (William Branch) for providing photos from the 165th Family Meeting.

Family members wishing to receive a digital copy of any of the photos may contact the family at

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Family births, deaths, marriages etc. can now be submitted online prior to Family Meeting.

Each link below will take you to the relevant form to fill in:

Report a marriage

John Sparks is in charge of collecting the vital records information. All forms filled in will be forwarded to John. 

If you experience problems with the forms, please contact the website administrator by e-mail:

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Contact: Jessica Howells


Descendants of Fred & Margaret Siler

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Siler Family Officers

Richard S. Jones


Jim Henry

Vice Chair

Suzanne Moss Morris


Laurel Radley


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F2F Business!
Family-to-Family business

Consider hiring a cousin!

Family members are invited to bring their business cards to Family Meeting. The cards will be collected and a list produced for distribution to the family. 

Once the F2F List is up and running, you will be able to check it anytime for the services and consultations offered by family members. If you need any of the services listed, consider hiring a cousin rather than an unknown company.
The list will not only benefit all family members, but you will also learn something about your cousins in the process!

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