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Weimar & Margaret (Rafferty) Siler Branch
St. John's Episcopal Church - Additional Historical Information
Fred Moore Slagle (Jacob branch) was a gifted builder who worked on the construction of St. John's Episcopal Church in Cartoogechaye. Fred supervised a small group of men in the completion of St. John's.

Fred's grandmother was Harriett Siler, daughter of Jacob Siler, who was the son of Weimar Siler. Fred and his wife, Lida Alexander Slagle, are buried not far from Jacob Siler in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Franklin.

The photo shows Fred and Lida below their house on Hwy. 64.

Many thanks to Fred Slagle's grandson, David Slagle, for providing the additional information regarding the construction of St. John's. David is the pastor of Veritas Church in Atlanta, GA.

St. John's Episcopal Church, Cartoogechaye, Franklin, NC
The story of St. John's Episcopal Church began with a young woman named Joanna Chipman who came south from New York state to visit relatives in North Carolina.  Here she met and married Abert Siler, son of William Siler and Althea Swain.  William was Weimar and Margaret Siler's oldest son.  Albert and Joanna settled outside of Franklin.

Joanna was deeply devoted to the Episcopal Church and in 1877, an Episcopal clergyman, Mr. John Archibald Deal, was sent to Murphy to begin work in the area.  Deal came over to Franklin in July to lead two worship services and administer Holy Communion. Because
the Episcopalians didn't have a church, Deal held the services at Mt. Zion Methodist Church.
Later the same year, Deal moved to Macon County and boarded with Joanna and Albert. Episcopal worship services were held in a small schoolhouse, which the congregation soon outgrew. In 1880 work began on the new St. John's Episcopal Church at Nonah. The two acres of land on which the church was built were a gift from Albert and Joanna.

Deal served the church until 1910, by which time the work of the church in the area had declined.  Many people had moved away, and a new line of thought decreed that people living in the country would go into town to go to church. St. John's fell into disrepair, no one cared for the cemetery, and eventually the Diocese had the building torn down. Things looked very bleak until 1940. Then, Albert Rufus Morgan, great-grandson of William Siler and Althea Swain Siler, was able to acquire the land on which the church had once stood and he began the rebuilding of St. John's.

To learn more about the history of St. John's, including the story of William Siler and the Cherokee Chief Chuttahsotee and his wife, Cunstagih, click on the link below.

A. Rufus Morgan who rebuilt St. John's at Cartoogechaye.
St. John's Episcopal Church

Chief Chuttahsotee

First United Methodist Church in Franklin, NC
Several members of the Siler Family are buried in the cemetery of First
United Methodist Church in Franklin, North Carolina. 

Click on the photos below to enlarge and see the stone marking the grave
of Weimar Siler and Margaret Rafferty Siler, among others.
Click here to see a list of the graves.

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                                                                        Photos courtesy of Birgitte H. Tessier
First United Methodist Church, Franklin NC
Weimar Siler & Margaret Rafferty Siler
SAR Marker at Weimar's grave
Jesse Richardson Siler & Harriet D. Patton Siler
William Siler
Althea Swain Siler
Jesse Weimar Siler monument
Jesse Weimar Siler monument
Jesse Weimar Siler monument
Harriet Timoxena Siler
William Sloan
Baby James Robert Sloan
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Irene Elizabeth Mitchell Morgan
(4 Oct 1922 - 21 Dec 2013)

Widow of A. Rufus Morgan, Jr.

Andrew Montgomery Mitchell & Retta Harter

Pamela Ann Crawford Dellinger
22 November 2013

Emory & Martha Crawford

Frances Morgan McLean

(20 Nov 1917- 8 Oct 2012)

Albert Rufus Morgan & Madeline Prentiss

Charles Alfred Slagle
(27 Feb 1950 - 28 Jun 2012)

Charles Siler Slagle & Nina Rae Waldroop

William Robert Kinnebrew
(2 Apr 1929 - 7 May 2012)

Mildred Hanson & Henry Sloan Kinnebrew

Jesse Siler Sloan
(30 Oct 1857 -  6 Dec 1922)

Parents: Timoxena Siler & William Sloan

Georgia Neville Sloan
(17 May 1866 - 29 Oct 1958)

Widow of Jesse Siler Sloan

Timoxena Sloan
(6 Jan 1895 - 30 Dec 1972)

Parents: Jesse Siler Sloan & Georgia Neville

Reby Sloan Tessier
(18 July 1886 - 5 Mar 1970)

Parents: Jesse Siler Sloan & Georgia Neville

Tribute to Reby S. Tessier

Robert Stanley Sloan
(10 Jun 1917 - 30 Mar 1998)

Parents: William N. Sloan & Beulah Bidwell
Grandson of Jesse Siler Sloan & Georgia Neville
A little history

Jesse Richardson Siler, son of Weimar Siler and Margaret Rafferty, moved to Franklin in 1821 and started his own business.  While still young, Jesse had made a promise to God that if he were successful in his business ventures, he would strive to be useful to the church and to society.

Prior to 1830, there was no church building in Franklin for members of the Methodist Episcopal church.  Members met in private homes to listen to the sermons of itinerant preachers. Jesse joined the Methodist Church in 1829 and, remembering his promise to God, he deeded an acre of land to the church and personally financed the building of the first Methodist Episcopal house of worship in Franklin.

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Where is the First United Methodist Church in Franklin?

Street Address: 
66 Harrison Avenue

Franklin, NC 28734

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The Lowry's at Sandy Mush.

Esther siler, the eldest child of Weimar Siler and Margaret Rafferty, married
Col. James Lowry and settled first on Turkey Creek and later at Sandy Mush
in Buncombe Co. NC.

The photo below shows Esther's grave at Sandy Mush (1786-1849).
Photo courtesy of Betty Watson, Ellijay, GA (Esther branch).

Grave of Esther Lowry
(wife of Col. James Lowry)