Siler Descendants

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167th Siler Family Meeting

 4 August 2018
Franklin, NC

Weimar & Margaret (Rafferty) Siler Branch


William Robert Kinnebrew

The Siler Family presents its condolences to the family of Bill Kinnebrew,
who passed away on 7 May 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Bill was the son of Henry Sloan Kinnebrew Sr. and Mildred Hanson Kinnebrew (Jesse branch.)

Click here to read the obituary.

              Richard & Melissa Jones  -  50th Wedding Anniversary

              3 February 2012
In January, the Tessier clan celebrated Jack Tessier's 90th birthday. A great time was had by all! 

Jack is the last surviving child of Reby Sloan and Francis Monsanto Tessier.  Jack's twin, Virginia, passed away some years ago, but she was with us in spirit, and the family was delighted that Virginia's daughters, Becky and Mary, and their families were able to attend the celebration. 

We hope you love the photo of the twins, Jack & Ginny, as much as we do (courtesy of Patricia Smith Levasseur). Go to the Photos page to see a larger format. 

On the Photos page, you can also see a 1945 photo of newlyweds Jack and Mitzi Tessier with Tommy Dorsey (courtesy of Mitzi Tessier.)  The photo was taken in New York during Jack and Mitzi's honeymoon.  Jack had asked the Tommy Dorsey orchestra to play his and Mitzi's song, Stardust, and afterwards Tommy came over to ask if he could have his picture taken with the honeymooners!  Enjoy.
On the back of the photo above, someone titled it "The Four Horsemen."  The photo shows the sisters Carolyn, Eleanor, Tim, and Reby Sloan, all daughters of Jesse Siler Sloan and Georgia Neville Sloan.

The photo comes to us courtesy of Patricia Smith Levasseur, Louisiana.  Please go to the Photos page to see the ladies in larger format!
Tributes to Jesse Siler Sloan

Jesse Siler Sloan passed away in 1922.  You may read his obituary (tribute by Franklin Press) on the Cemetery Page.

Jesse Siler Sloan by Reby Sloan Tessier
Reby Sloan was the eldest child of
Jesse Siler Sloan and Georgia Neville. 
She married Francis Monsanto Tessier in 1912.

Franklin Bank Tribute to Jesse Siler Sloan
Jesse Siler Sloan was a director and president of
The Franklin Bank for many years.

The above documents were given to Mark Tessier by his cousin, William Steele Smith Jr. back in 1999.  We're delighted that technology has made it possible for us to scan the documents and post them online for the family to read. 

The wonderful photo of the Jesse Siler Family was sent to us much more recently by Steele's sister, Patricia Smith Levasseur.  Our sincere thanks to Pat and Steele!

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Courtesy of Patricia Smith Levasseur, Louisiana (Jesse Branch)
On the back of the photo, the family is identified as follows:

Standing:  Dick, Tim, Mama, Papa, Carter, Neville
Seated:  Francis Tessier, Reby, Eleanor & Carolyn 

Papa is of course Jesse Siler Sloan, and Mama is Georgia Augusta Neville Sloan.

The photo does not show Jesse and Georgia's fourth son, Harold. 

Reby married Francis in 1912 and their first child was born in 1913.  Seeing that the photo is showing the "Jesse Siler Sloan Family" and that none of Reby's and Francis' children are in the photo, we believe the photo dates to sometime between 1912 and 1913.  If anyone knows more, please send us a note!

Go to the Photos page to see the picture in a larger format!

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Family Officers

Ross Zachary

Vice Chair
William Sloan

Nancy Siler Scott

Renee Sutton McCall

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159th Family Meeting Photos

Don't forget you can check out photos from the 159th
Family Meeting both on Facebook and on Shutterfly.
Uncle Fred
An Historical Perspective

At the 159th Siler Family Meeting on 7 August 2010, William Siler presented the historical perspective by telling the family about his Uncle Fred, who worked as a doctor in Franklin in the early 20th century. 

Thanks to William Siler and Macon County historian Barbara McRae, you can read here about Dr. Frederick L. Siler, a man dedicated to his profession and to his patients.

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At age 94, Mr. William Siler was once again the oldest male descendant attending the annual Family Meeting.  We all appreciate his reminiscences of Uncle Fred!

Minutes of Previous Family Meetings

158th Family Meeting                                  157th Family Meeting
1 August 2009                                            2 August 2008

Thank you to past Secretary Jennifer Jones for providing the minutes of the 157th and 158th Family Meetings.
Noonah Weavers Showcase Talent

A Franklin Press story from 10 December 2010 on the Noonah Weavers.  One of the photos shows Fran Cargill (featured in the previous story below) and Kathy Tinsley.  They are both Siler descendants!

Thank you to Laurel Cargill Radley for submitting the story.
  Click here to read ...
Frances Barr Cargill
Dulcimer player, singer, weaver and a William Siler descendant.

Frances is known for her beautiful voice, her incredible talent and skills on the dulcimer, her knowledge of the old folk songs of the mountains, not to mention her skills on the loom!  She lives in a cabin built about twenty years after the end of the Civil War by Albert Siler.

Thank you to The Franklin Press for permission to post the story, and to Laurel Cargill Radley, Frances' daughter, who submitted the story for use on the site.

Plikard Siler Land Records

Plikard Siler, Weimar's father, purchased land in Augusta County, Virginia in 1753, from Col. James Patton.  The land was sold in 1765 to a Nicholas Welch.  Click on the links below to see scans of both records. 

If you wish to see the deeds in the records of Augusta County in person, you will need to visit the Augusta County Courthouse in Staunton (pronounced "Stanton"), Virginia.

In the deeds Plikard's name appears as  "Plackard Scilar".  

On the land purchase document, scroll down to the words "This Indenture made ..." Anything above that relates to a different purchase that has nothing to do with Plikard.

65th wedding anniversary

Jack Sloan Tessier & Mitzi Schaden Tessier

Jack and Mitzi were married in September 1945, after Jack came home from the war.

Jack is the son of Reby Sloan
(Jesse branch) and Francis Monsanto Tessier. Reby was the daughter of Jesse Siler Sloan and Georgia Neville.

Mitzi is the daughter of Harry Edward Schaden and Beryl Ruth Ross.  She is well known as a local historian and the author of two books:  Asheville: A Pictorial History and The State of Buncombe.

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1st Lt. Jack S. Tessier served in the US Army Air Corps in Italy during WWII.  He flew 69 missions in
a P47 aircraft, providing air support to the British 8th Army. 

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